CTF: BHealth21-Secure Healthcare Services - hosted by Fujitsu

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Start: 2021-06-20 14:00
End: 2021-06-20 18:00
Location: Virtual


BHealth21 is a virtual start-up that connects patients and the healthcare industry through a digital workflow. Our service distributes two digital workflows that patients and physicians can use. Founded in 2020 in Munich by Christoffer and Jonas, we have grown to 20 internal employees who take care of the development and operation of the service. The internal infrastructure is done on the side.

BHealth21’s customers include athletes, politicians and other celebrities. Our most valuable data is the customer appointments with their doctors and the medications their customers use. For a marketing campaign, the BHealt21 database was analyzed by the company’s management. Unfortunately, the dataset contains a little bit more data than expected….

In 4 hours, can you infiltrate BHealth21’s network and find what is worrying management so much? Compete against others in this unique capture the flag event!

*BHealth21 is a completely fictional company. Any similarities to real places and people are coincidental.